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Can my toddler run Into The Enchanted Woods for free?

Of course you may. As long as your toddler is in a stroller.

Is there an age limit on who could run Into The Enchanted Woods?

No! There is no age limit. The Apevenger can be 2 years old or even 95! You can even run with a stroller!

Where do I go for Race Pack Pick-Up?

Suria Sabah Shopping Mall. Race Packs will be available for pick up 1 week before race day so stay updated with our news. You can also collect on the race day itself at Suria Sabah from 10.00 am – 01.00 pm with a convenience fee of RM10. We do not recommend you picking it up last minute.

First Aid

A contracted First Aid and Emergency Service will be provided for the event. Mobile teams move throughout the course to assist you promptly.


There will be portable toilets located at the carnival area for participant and spectator use and there will be one public restroom available halfway through the run located at Tanjung Lipat.

How to avoid traffic jams?

bullet Carpooling
bullet Get someone to drop you
bullet Book your shuttle service today! Special price for early booking, as low as RM5 now. Park your car at Suria Sabah with security surveillance.

Can I still run with a group if we are not the same gender and age?

Yes. You may run with as large of group as you like as long as everyone is assigned together in the same wave, same category.

Do you donate to a charity or cause?

YES, we do. (list of official charities to be updated)

What is included in the Borneon Run Registration Fee?

#7 Sponsors’ Goodies/Vouchers

#6 Borneon Run LED merchandise

#5 Quality Race T-Shirt

#4 Finishing Medal

#3 Entry to Lucky Draws

#2 After Run Party

#1 Participation in Borneon Run 2016 – Into the Enchanted Woods

bullet and an amazing memory until next year!

Will there be refunds if I couldn’t show up?

Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds.  Just make sure you are good to go before signing up.  If for some reason you can’t make it to race day, at least come to pick up your race pack. You can also transfer your run to someone else.


Take a look below for a few rules we’d appreciate that you follow:

bullet All participants must follow course officials’ instructions
bullet This is an All ages event!
bullet All photos taken by media or Borneon Run staff can be used to market or promote other Borneon Run events
bullet All participants must wear the race tee during the race period
bullet All participants understand there are no refunds
bullet It is the participant’s duty to inform Borneon Run staff if they have been injured or hurt during the race
bullet Have fun!

Neon Run Safety

Participants assume all risks & medical expenses if needed during or after the race. All participants will brief themselves as to where the medical tent is located when they arrive for the race. Please stay safe!

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